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KWA Ronin VM4 Q10 AEG

KWA Ronin VM4 Q10 AEG

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KWA RM4 Q10 Electronic Recoil AEG

Revolutionary Electronic Recoil System

Experience the cutting-edge KWA RM4 Q10 Electronic Recoil AEG, blending the reliability of an AEG platform with the realistic blowback feel of a GBBR. This rifle introduces advanced features for an unparalleled airsoft experience.

  • Electronic Recoil System: Mimics GBBR-style blowback in a reliable AEG platform, providing realistic feedback during gameplay.
  • Full Metal Construction: The receiver and barrel assembly feature a durable full metal construction, ensuring robustness in intense airsoft engagements.
  • Quick Change Spring System: Easily adapt to different FPS requirements with the quick-change spring system, providing flexibility for various airsoft scenarios.
  • Ambidextrous Controls: Enjoy enhanced usability with an enlarged trigger guard and ambidextrous fire controls, accommodating different shooting styles.
  • Kinetic Feedback System: Immerse yourself in the experience of simulated recoil, adding a realistic touch to your airsoft battles.
  • One Piece Rotary Hop-Up: Achieve precise shot placement with the reliable one-piece rotary hop-up, enhancing your accuracy on the field.
  • Switch Lift Extender: Prevent trigger contact burnout and ensure long-lasting performance with the innovative switch lift extender.
  • Magazine Cut Off Compatibility: Take control of your shots with the 30/120rd. magazine cut off compatibility, allowing for strategic ammunition management.
  • Electronic Trigger Compatibility: Unlock advanced performance by easily installing popular electronic triggers like the GATE Titan, customizing your AEG experience.
  • AEG3 Gearbox: Powered by KWA's latest AEG3 gearbox, the RM4 Q10 delivers reliable and powerful operation for consistent performance.

Q10 Variant with Quad Picatinny Rail

The RM4 Q10 variant is equipped with a familiar quad Picatinny rail, providing end users with the flexibility to choose between a red dot or low-power, variable optics (LPVO) based on their preferred sighting system.

Dynamic AEG Reloads

KWA's cutoff gearboxes, featured in the first-generation AEG 2.5 and 3.0 systems, enable dynamic AEG reloads. The cutoff system prevents firing on an empty magazine, emphasizing reloading muscle memory. Easily resume the gunfight by disengaging the mock bolt catch after inserting a new magazine, continuing to sling BBs downrange.

Both the Q10 and M10 are compatible with standard AEG M4 magazines and designed to work seamlessly with KWA's designated cutoff magazines, including the K120C and MS120C.