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Vorsk Hi-Capa 4.3 Black/Gold

Vorsk Hi-Capa 4.3 Black/Gold

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Product Overview

The VORSK HI-CAPA 4.3 BLACK/GOLD is a stylish and reliable Gas Blowback Pistol designed for Airsoft enthusiasts. With a striking gold finish and durable construction, this pistol offers both functionality and flair on the field.

  • SKU: VGP-02-06
  • Colour: Gold
  • Brand: VORSK
  • EAN: 5060644105412
  • Length: 220 mm
  • Weight: 880 g
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto
  • Barrel Length: 93.7 mm
  • Barrel Bore: 6.03 mm
  • Rails: Yes
  • Approx. FPS: 295
  • Main Materials: HIPS Material & Aluminium
  • Included: Replica, Magazine & Manual

Compatible Accessories

  • Magazines:
    • VGM-02-01 - BLACK - 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine
    • VGM-02-02 - BLACK - 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine
    • VGM-02-03 - BLACK - 23R VENGEANCE Gas Magazine
  • Batteries/Gas:
    • VCP-GAS-V6 - V6 GBB Fuel
    • VCP-GAS-V8 - V8 GBB Fuel
    • VCP-GAS-V12 - V12 GBB Fuel

Additional Information

Vorsk Hi Capa Series and all other models from Vorsk are inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competition handgun designs. VORSK translates these unique concepts to the Airsoft market, providing robust, dependable GBB Pistols with a touch of style and flair to your sidearm. Developed with input from leading Airsoft players and manufacturers, these pistols are as effective on the field as they are eye-catching on display.