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Wolverine Airsoft INFERNO HPA Engine Gen 2 Spartan Edition W/ M4 Cylinder

Wolverine Airsoft INFERNO HPA Engine Gen 2 Spartan Edition W/ M4 Cylinder

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Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gen2 HPA Engine with Spartan Electronics: A Revolutionary Advancement in HPA Technology

Introducing the GEN 2 Inferno HPA Engine from Wolverine Airsoft, a cutting-edge drop-in kit that sets a new standard in the world of high-pressure air (HPA) technology. Building upon the success of the SMP and driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, the Gen2 Inferno leaves its competitors far behind, delivering unmatched performance and versatility.

Revolutionary Design for Superior Performance

The GEN 2 Inferno features a revolutionary single solenoid, independent poppet, and nozzle design that solves the "open bolt problem" commonly faced in HPA systems. Its innovative hybrid design combines the advantages of both open bolt and closed bolt systems, offering easy tuning, no first-round dry fire, and enhanced efficiency. With this ground-breaking technology, you can enjoy seamless hop-up tuning and improved performance with a wide range of stock and aftermarket options.

Seamless Compatibility and Efficiency

Wolverine Airsoft's GEN 2 Inferno is backward compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft electronics, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing setup. The engine still utilizes Wolverine Airsoft's Patent Pending Imbalanced Poppet and bulletproof direct solenoid fired design, guaranteeing reliability and durability without the need for additional critical O-rings. The GEN 2 Inferno boasts an estimated 10-15% improvement in efficiency over previous systems, providing you with extended gameplay and outstanding performance.

Customizable Performance

The GEN 2 Inferno allows you to fine-tune your airsoft experience with fully adjustable features. You can adjust the input pressure between 60-140 PSI, control the output energy between 1-3 Joules (build dependent), and set the rate of fire between 5-35 rounds per second (RPS). With a fully adjustable dwell, you can tailor the engine's performance to suit your unique playstyle and preferences.

Kit Includes:

  • INFERNO HPA Engine
  • Grip Line with Integrated Filter
  • O-Ring Kit
  • 3" x 2" INFERNO Patch
  • Spartan Kit:
    • Spartan Electronics
    • Buffer Tube Adapter

Compatible with Wolverine Airsoft Electronics

The GEN 2 Inferno is compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft Electronics, offering you a range of electronic options to further enhance your HPA system's performance and responsiveness.

Elevate your airsoft game with the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gen2 HPA Engine with Spartan Electronics. Experience a new level of precision, efficiency, and reliability as you dominate the field with the most advanced HPA technology available.