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Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph

Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph

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Xcortech X3200 MK3 Airsoft Chronograph - Pocket-Sized Essential

Introducing the Xcortech X3200 MK3 Airsoft Chronograph, the first pocket-sized chronograph designed specifically for the airsoft market. Xcortech, renowned for their expertise in the chrono market with models like the X3200 and X3500, has once again delivered an outstanding product. Compact and highly accurate, the X3200 MK3 fits in seamlessly with your airsoft gear, as its size is comparable to a GoPro camera.

Don't be fooled by its small size; this chronograph is a powerful tool for airsoft enthusiasts. It's user-friendly and compatible with various ammo weights and calibers, which can be easily pre-set into its memory. You have two power options - insert a single AA battery or connect a Micro USB cable to any USB port, be it a wall charger, portable charger, car cigarette adaptor, or any available USB port.

Key Features:

  • Rate of Fire & FPS Measurement: Accurately measure your airsoft weapon's rate of fire (ROF) and feet per second (FPS) using this essential tool, which is commonly used by weapon modifiers to ensure compliance with airsoft skirmish site FPS limits.
  • Measurements: The X3200 MK3 provides various measurements, including ROF, RPM (rounds per minute), RPS (rounds per second), initial velocity (SPEED), in meters per second (m/s) and feet per second (ft/s). It also features a shot memory function for up to 25 shots.
  • Wide Velocity Range: Measure velocities from 3 to 980 FPS and ROF ranging from 75 to 6000 RPM, catering to a wide range of airsoft weapons.
  • Portable & Versatile: With dimensions of 72mm x 47mm x 51mm and a weight of 60g, it's an easy-to-carry tool suitable for various airsoft scenarios.
  • Smoke Interference Prevention: For gas or CO2 guns, maintain a distance of more than 10cm from the chrono to prevent smoke interference.

Stay Legal & Prepared:

Using the X3200 MK3 ensures you are within legal airsoft limits, and you can even capture results on your mobile phone for reference, which may be required by airsoft sites or authorities.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure accurate readings, keep the chronograph level during use, and ensure that BBs are fired centrally through the hole register. Fresh batteries are essential, as reading accuracy can decline as batteries wear down.