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A&K PKM Machine Gun

A&K PKM Machine Gun

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A&K PKM Machine Gun

The Epitome of Firepower: A&K PKM Machine Gun

Unleash the power of the A&K PKM Machine Gun, a long-awaited model that sets the standard for universal machineguns. Crafted with precision by A&K, this formidable airsoft replica is a testament to the company's dedication to realism and performance. The combination of steel and aluminum construction, along with polymer accents, ensures both durability and authenticity.

The steel components, including the bolt chamber, chamber cover, bipod, carrying handle, and box magazine, provide a robust foundation, while the alloy of zinc and aluminum forms the outer barrel, front iron aiming sight base, gas node, gas pipe, barrel assembly, and iron aiming sights. The pistol grip and stock, made of high-quality polymer, enhance the replica's handling and comfort during extended use.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: A&K
  • Construction: Steel and Aluminum for durability
  • Components: Bolt chamber, chamber cover, bipod, carrying handle, box magazine in steel
  • Alloy: Zinc and aluminum for outer barrel, front iron aiming sight base, gas node, gas pipe, barrel assembly, iron aiming sights
  • Polymer: Pistol grip and stock for enhanced handling
  • MOSFET System: Hidden inside the gas pipe for improved performance
  • Potentiometer: Regulates the replica's rate of fire for customization
  • Inner Mechanism: Checked construction with a gearbox case known from the M249 type machinegun
  • Bearings: Equipped with 8mm steel ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Reinforced Main Spring Guide: Equipped with bearings for enhanced durability

Own the Powerhouse

Elevate your airsoft arsenal with the A&K PKM Machine Gun. Order now to experience the perfect fusion of authenticity, durability, and performance that sets this machine gun apart on the battlefield.