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Action Army T10 HIVE Suppressor - Black

Action Army T10 HIVE Suppressor - Black

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Hive Sound Suppressor for Action Army T10 Sniper

Enhance Your Stealth with the Hive Sound Suppressor

Upgrade your Action Army T10 Sniper with the Hive Sound Suppressor, designed for stealthy precision. Crafted from durable metal, this suppressor ensures your shots remain discreet while maintaining the sleek look of your sniper rifle.

Universal Compatibility and Easy Installation

The Hive Sound Suppressor features 14mm CCW inner threading, making it compatible with any rifle equipped with a 14mm CCW barrel. Whether you're customizing your T10 Sniper or another compatible rifle, this suppressor effortlessly fits into your setup. It's the perfect accessory to complete your loadout.

Sleek and Tactical Design

Finished in classic black, the Hive Sound Suppressor not only dampens sound but also adds a tactical edge to your rifle's appearance. Its empty interior design (no foam) optimizes sound reduction while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Upgrade Your Rifle's Stealth

Elevate your sniper game with the Hive Sound Suppressor. Enhance your stealth, maintain compatibility with various rifles, and achieve a tactical edge in the field with this top-tier accessory.