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AGM Sten AEG (Full Metal - Black - AGM-058)

Historical Precision: AGM Sten AEG

Immerse yourself in the history of warfare with the AGM Sten AEG. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by AGM, this full metal airsoft submachine gun pays homage to the iconic Sten gun, a symbol of British ingenuity and resilience during World War II. Whether you're adding to your arsenal or expanding your collection, the AGM Sten AEG is a super durable and authentic choice.

The full metal construction, including the barrel and internals, ensures a robust and reliable performance on the battlefield. With a firing velocity reaching an impressive 320 FPS, this AEG is not just a historical artifact but a formidable force in airsoft skirmishes. Load up with the metal magazine, and you're ready to unleash a storm of BBs with precision and power.

Key Features

  • Brand: AGM
  • Weapon Category: SMG
  • Weapon Powered By: Electric for consistent power
  • FPS: 301 - 350 for a balance of power and precision
  • Construction: Full Metal for durability and authenticity
  • Hop Up: Adjustable for fine-tuning your shots
  • Variant / Platform: Historical, paying homage to the Sten gun
  • Blowback Guns: No for simplicity and reliability
  • Recoil: No for ease of use
  • Shell Ejecting: No for convenience
  • Fire Mode: Safe/Single/Auto for tactical versatility

Own a Piece of WWII History

Elevate your airsoft collection with the AGM Sten AEG. Order now to experience the perfect fusion of historical precision, durability, and performance on the airsoft battlefield.