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Airsoft Energy Lipo Tester

Airsoft Energy Lipo Tester

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Airsoft Energy LiPo Tester - Safeguard Your LiPo Batteries

Prevent Over-Discharge and Extend Battery Life

If you've ever worried about damaging your LiPo batteries due to over-discharge, or if you simply want to ensure they stay in optimal condition, the Airsoft Energy LiPo Tester is a smart addition to your airsoft gear. This compact device connects to the balance port of your 7.4V or 11.1V Airsoft LiPo battery and provides essential voltage monitoring and protection.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with 7.4V and 11.1V Airsoft LiPo Batteries
  • Real-Time Voltage Readout for Each Cell
  • Total Battery Voltage Display
  • Automatic Alarm for Voltage Imbalance or Low Voltage

With the Airsoft Energy LiPo Tester, you can easily monitor the voltage of each cell in your LiPo battery and track the total battery voltage. No more guesswork—know the exact status of your battery's charge. The built-in alarm system will alert you if any cell voltage becomes unbalanced or drops too low, helping you avoid damage to your batteries and the need for frequent replacements.


Using the device is straightforward. Simply plug the balance lead (small white connector) of your LiPo battery into the leftmost contacts, with the contacts oriented to face downwards. Ensure that the visible silver contacts on your balance lead are facing upwards for a secure connection.

Protect your LiPo batteries, extend their lifespan, and stay in control of your airsoft gameplay with the Airsoft Energy LiPo Tester. Make smart choices for your batteries and enjoy peace of mind on the field.