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Airtech Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-nub for KWA Rotary - T6, Ronin 6, QRF MOD1 & 3

Airtech Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-nub for KWA Rotary - T6, Ronin 6, QRF MOD1 & 3

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Airtech Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-Nub: Elevate Your KWA Rifle's Performance

Unleash the true potential of your KWA Rotary platform with the Airtech Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-Nub. Designed for enthusiasts who demand precision and accuracy, this innovative upgrade redefines the standard for hop-up performance, ensuring unparalleled consistency and dominance on the field.

Elevate Your Hop-Up Game:

If you're considering an R-Hop upgrade for your KWA rifle, look no further. The Airtech R-HOP Arm is meticulously engineered to provide a seamless installation, eliminating the need for potentially risky modifications to your stock arm. Unlike traditional methods that involve cutting or sanding, our drop-in R-HOP arm ensures a perfectly balanced, top-down-center (TDC) force that uniformly presses on the R-hop patch, optimizing performance and accuracy.

Innovative Design Inspired by Excellence:

Our design inspiration stems from the self-leveling nub feature found in leading brands like Maxx for the Silverback SRS hop-up. With a focus on enhancing the KWA rotary platform, we've harnessed these ideas to create a revolutionary hop-up upgrade that transforms your KWA Ronin 6, T6, QRF MOD1, and QRF MOD3 into precision instruments of airsoft domination.

Key Features:

  • Experience TDC (Top-Down-Center) force, evenly applied to the R-Hop patch for optimal performance.
  • No need to modify the stock arm or add an M-Nub – our arm provides both!
  • Effortless drop-in installation requires no additional modifications.
  • M-Nub ensures uniform force distribution across the R-Hop patch.
  • Durable polycarbonate construction for lasting reliability.

Unlock Perfect Accuracy Over Distances:

The Airtech R-Hop Arm & M-Nub isn't just about precision – it's about dominance. With R-Hop technology, you'll experience increased accuracy and extended effective range, outperforming traditional standard hop-ups. Achieve tighter shot groupings, improved backspin, enhanced air seal, and a higher tolerance for projectile imperfections. The result? An airsoft weapon that consistently delivers exceptional performance.


The Airtech Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-Nub is tailor-made for the following KWA models:

  • KWA Ronin 6
  • KWA T6
  • QRF MOD1
  • QRF MOD3

Elevate your airsoft experience with the Airtech Advanced R-HOP Arm & M-Nub and take your KWA Rotary platform to new heights of precision, power, and performance.