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Big Foot 1600 8.4v Nunchuck

Big Foot 1600 8.4v Nunchuck

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Vendor: Big Foot
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  • Big Foot 8.4V-1600mAh Ni-MH battery pack
  • Big Foot Airsoft pro batteries power pack range
  • Nun chuck / crane stock / butterfly style battery
  • High quality battery cells
  • Designed for airsoft gun crane stocks or either side of the barrel within the front stock
  • Type: NiMH Nun-Chuck
  • Voltage: 8.4v
  • Capacity: 1600mah
  • Cells: 7 x 1.2 1600mAh Individual Cells
  • Size: 18mm x 118mm + 18mm x 90mm
  • Connector: Mini-Tamiya
  • Specifically produced for Airsoft use by Big Foot

Product Information

The Big Foot 8.4v 1600mAh Ni-Mh crane stock battery is an airsoft gun battery designed specifically for airsoft skirmish mil-sim uses. The Bulldog airsoft battery is constructed from 7 x 1.2 1600mah individual cells which are held together by durable shrink wrapping, and feature a small tamiya connector to connect the power pack to your airsoft gun. This nunchuck or butterfly style battery is specifically designed to fit in crane stocks, or where the battery is fitted either side of the barrel within the front stock, plus other hard to reach places by allowing you to place each row of cells individually. These Big Foot batteries are great because they are also perfect for radio controlled cars, boats and other RC model vehicles. This Big Foot battery pack is the perfect purchase for pro airsoft skirmishers as it is compatible with and will power most electric airsoft guns on the market.