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Bushcraft Knife Pau Rosa, African hard wood with Black & White G10 liners

Bushcraft Knife Pau Rosa, African hard wood with Black & White G10 liners

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Custom made Bushcraft Knife from R Palmer Knives Instagram @rpalmer_knives

Bushcraft Knife

Overall length


Blade length


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Knife care

Your new knife has been hand crafted using 80crv2 high carbon steel and as such over time may discolour and form a natural patina which in turn will protect your blade from corrosion. As with all knives you should clean and dry your knife after every use and a light coating of carnauba wax or mineral oil will help to protect the steel from corrosion. When not in use store the knife and sheath apart as leather retains moisture for long periods. 

Ferro rod/fire striker use

Use the spine of the knife to remove the outer black coating... once removed the striker is primed and ready to create sparks. To create a fire, use appropriate tinder e.g. cotton wool, dry leaves, silver birch bark.


The bushcraft knife has been created with a sabre grind which has a secondary bevel set at 26degrees. This type of grind allows for a good slicing action for outdoors food preparation but still has good wood chopping/crafting ability. Stropping your knife on leather will help maintain the edge but when the time comes to resharpen, an angle of 13 degrees on either side of the blade will return your knife to new.