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D-TONATOR Grenade - Orange

D-TONATOR Grenade - Orange

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D-TONATOR Grenade - Orange

The D-TONATOR grenade is a reusable gas-powered Airsoft Grenade, offering an explosive experience in your airsoft battles. Fill it with 155 BBs, the required amount of Green Gas, and activate it by switching the safety button from OFF to ON. Get ready for intense action as it discharges gas upon impact, spinning on a 360º axis and reaching distances of up to 10 meters from the impact site.

Key Features:

  • Gas-Powered: Operates with Green Gas for a powerful and thrilling effect on the battlefield.
  • Reusable: Designed for multiple uses, providing consistent excitement in your airsoft games.
  • No Pin - Safety Feature: Features an On/Off safety button, eliminating the need for a pin and ensuring safe handling.
  • Area of Effect +10m: Delivers an impressive area of effect, reaching beyond 10 meters from the impact site.
  • Dimensions: Compact size with measurements of 52 x 100 mm.

Available in vibrant colors: Red, Orange, or Black to suit your style and preferences.