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Cow Cow AAP01 200% Nozzle Spring

Cow Cow AAP01 200% Nozzle Spring

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AAP01 200% Nozzle Spring

Highlighted features
The AAP01 nozzle spring was made by high quality spring steel. Its special design is able to supply an additional tension during cycling and enhance durability. It can make sure the nozzle movement is stable and workable. It provides 200% power during cycling.
For Action Army AAP01

**Important Notice**

It may has a condition that your pistol cannot feed the BB bullet due to the lightweight gas supply. You just simply remove a spacer to solve the issue. Alternatively, you may consult your gunsmith for advancing fitting to solve this issue as well.

Increasing in FPS can be achieved; however, it may require other parts to collaborate and advanced skill is needed. improper installation / fitting can shorten the life of the product.