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Dye i4 & i5 Custom 3D Printed Head Shield

Dye i4 & i5 Custom 3D Printed Head Shield

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Dye I4 & I5 Head Shield by TitanForge: Protect Your Game, Protect Your Head

Are you tired of getting shot point-blank by speedsofters wielding heavy BBs indoors, or becoming a target for long-range snipers aiming at the top of your head in the woodlands? Say goodbye to those frustrating moments with the Dye I4 & I5 Head Shield custom created and printed by TitanForge.

Designed to provide enhanced protection and confidence on the battlefield, the Dye I4 & I5 Head Shield is a game-changer for airsoft enthusiasts seeking reliable headgear solutions. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this head shield offers unparalleled defense against close-range shots and sniper fire.

Key Features:

  • Custom Fit: Tailored to perfectly complement the Dye I4 & I5 goggles, ensuring a seamless integration and comfortable wear.
  • Full Coverage: Provides comprehensive protection for the top and sides of your head, shielding you from incoming BBs and minimizing the risk of painful impacts.
  • Robust Construction: Engineered with high-quality materials and advanced printing techniques by TitanForge, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and reliable performance in the heat of battle.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Maintains optimal visibility and ventilation, allowing you to stay focused on your objectives without compromising on comfort.
  • Personalized Design: Available in a range of custom designs and patterns, allowing you to express your unique style while staying protected on the field.

Note: Goggles not included.

Production Note: As these head shields are 3D printed, they may take 2-3 days to produce. Please contact us for up-to-date lead times.

Elevate Your Protection, Elevate Your Game

Don't let the fear of headshots hold you back from enjoying the thrill of airsoft battles. With the Dye I4 & I5 Head Shield by TitanForge, you can step onto the field with confidence, knowing that your head is shielded from all angles. Take your gameplay to the next level and experience unmatched protection and performance with this essential airsoft accessory.