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Enola Gaye - Flash Grenade 3.0

Enola Gaye - Flash Grenade 3.0

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Flash Grenade 3.0

The Flash 3.0 Grenade is the largest distraction grenade available in the EG line for tactical use. It delivers a low-frequency boom noise report that, while loud, is not uncomfortable. The 3.0 produces a significant white flash ideal for low-light conditions. Equipped with a Top Pull igniter, the grenade enables easy deployment for the user.

  • Fuse Delay: 5s (± 1s)
  • Product Diameter: 38mm
  • Product Length: 130mm
  • Noise Level (at 10m): 120dB
  • Total Weight: 110g (± 15g)
  • Net Explosive Content: 4.8g
  • Safety Distance: 10m
  • Biodegradable: 99.5%
  • Minimum Purchase Age: 18