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G&G Armament Keymod Foregrip

G&G Armament Keymod Foregrip

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G&G Armament Keymod Foregrip

Enhance the handling of your airsoft rifle with the G&G Armament Keymod Foregrip. This compact foregrip offers improved control and comfort during gameplay.


  • Compact design for improved handling and maneuverability
  • Stippled and textured front for a secure grip
  • Ridged rear for additional grip support
  • Designed for KeyMod rails for compatibility with various airsoft rifles
  • Easy installation using Allen key (included)
  • Hollow middle for reduced weight
  • Made from tough polymer for durability
  • +7 Ergonomics rating for added comfort


  1. Loosen the M4 x 14 Hex screws from the bottom of the grip.
  2. Align and insert the KeyMod anchors into the two selected large holes of the desired KeyMod slots.
  3. After the anchor is inserted, slide the grip forward until it cannot travel further, then tighten the Hex screws.

Package Includes

  • 1 x G&G Armament Keymod Foregrip