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G&G LevAR 15": The Ultimate "Space Cowboy" Rifle

If you're keeping up with the latest airsoft trends, you surely haven't missed the buzz around G&G's LevAR 15"! This cutting-edge rifle is powered by green gas and features G&G M4/AR-15 AEG upper receivers, offering nearly limitless customization options. Transform this lever action "Space Cowboy" rifle to fit your unique style and needs.

Revolutionary Design and Versatility

The LevAR 15" is an exciting addition to G&G's lineup, blending the nostalgic charm of lever action rifles with modern airsoft technology. This hybrid design is set to redefine versatility in airsoft weaponry. Lever action meets modularity, allowing you to take a classic design and equip it with contemporary tactical enhancements.

Key Features:

  • Power Source: The LevAR 15" utilizes green gas, stored in an internal gas reservoir. This makes it incredibly gas-efficient, especially since the system operates without blowback, ensuring you get the most out of each charge.
  • Customization: One of the standout features of the LevAR 15" is its compatibility with G&G M4/AR-15 AEG upper receivers. This allows for almost unlimited customization, whether you want to create a long-range sniper rifle, a compact scout rifle, or anything in between.
  • Upper Receiver: Reportedly compatible with G&G M4 AEG upper receivers, providing a solid base for a variety of custom setups. The ability to swap out the upper receiver means you can tailor the rifle to different scenarios and preferences.
  • Handguard and Rail System: The rifle comes equipped with an M-Lok handguard and a monolithic Picatinny top rail. This setup provides ample space for mounting optics, lights, lasers, grips, and other tactical accessories, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Ambidextrous Features: The LevAR 15" includes an ambidextrous magazine release, catering to both left and right-handed players. This feature ensures ease of use and quick magazine changes in the heat of battle.
  • Magazine Compatibility: It comes with a short 32-round low-cap magazine but is also compatible with any standard M4/AR-15 series AEG magazines. Yes, you can even use your drum mag with this versatile platform.
  • Stock Interface: Featuring a 1913/20mm Picatinny stock interface, the LevAR 15" allows for rapid stock swaps. This means you have a plethora of aftermarket stock options to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit and feel for your play style.

Pre-Order Now to Be the First in the UK to Get Your Hands on This RIF

Our exclusive batch of LevAR 15" Gas Powered Lever Action Rifles is set to arrive later this year. As this model is highly anticipated, we are now accepting pre-orders. Secure your rifle today and ensure you're among the first in the UK to own this groundbreaking RIF. By pre-ordering, you'll guarantee your spot in line and avoid missing out on this revolutionary addition to the airsoft market. Don't wait—pre-order now and prepare to elevate your airsoft game with the LevAR 15"!

Expected in July 2024


The G&G LevAR 15" is poised to be a game-changer in the airsoft community, combining the best of both worlds: classic lever action aesthetics and modern modular capabilities. Whether you're a fan of traditional firearms or a tech-savvy airsoft player looking for the next big thing, the LevAR 15" offers something for everyone. Don’t miss your chance to elevate your airsoft game with this revolutionary platform—sign up for alerts and get ready to transform your arsenal!