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Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip

Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip

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Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip

Upgrade your Airsoft replica with the Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip, a precision-engineered accessory designed for enhanced control and handling. Crafted with attention to detail, this grip offers a host of benefits for Airsoft enthusiasts:

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: The CQR Ergonomic Grip is constructed from heavy-duty polymers, mirroring the build quality of the real CQR foregrip. This ensures both lightweight and robust performance.
  • Alloy Screws: Reinforced with alloy screws, this grip is built to withstand the demands of intense Airsoft action.
  • QD Sling Loop Mount Points: The grip features Quick-Detach (QD) sling loop mount points, providing flexibility in carrying options for your Airsoft weapon.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit 20mm RIS / RAS railed handguards, the CQR Ergonomic Grip is compatible with a wide range of Airsoft replicas equipped with this common rail system.

Enhance Your Airsoft Experience

The Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip not only improves the aesthetics of your Airsoft replica but also elevates its functionality. Its ergonomic design promotes a comfortable and natural grip, enhancing your control over the weapon. Whether you're engaged in close-quarters battles or tactical scenarios, this grip will help you maintain precision and stability.

Upgrade Your Airsoft Replica

Transform your Airsoft weapon into a high-performance, comfortable, and versatile tool with the Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip. Experience better control, durability, and overall handling during your Airsoft adventures.

Upgrade your Airsoft weapon with the Hera Arms CQR Ergonomic Grip today!