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Jefftron Active brake Mosfet – V2 to stock

Jefftron Active brake Mosfet – V2 to stock

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Professionally made mosfet with motor active braking designed for airsoft electric guns (AEG).

Device increases gun rate of fire and battery holds longer, than with basic wiring.
In semi fire mode piston isn’t partially stretched, spring is fully released, parts in mechabox aren’t under strain and nozzle locks hop-up chamber in greater part (depends on ROF).

Active break solves multiple shots in semi mode with weapons with very high rate of fire (ROF).

It is fully integrated inside the gearbox version 2 instead of the original trigger contacts, compatible with Tokyo Marui standard.

Drop-in wiring with be battery in stock with DeanT connector – no soldering needed.

– Mosfet with active brake build on trigger contacts from SHS company
– Easy installation inside the gearbox version 2
– Completely made wiring allows the fastest and the easiest installation into the gun, it is long enough for all kind of weapons with battery placed in the stock
-There are high quality power wires 1,5 qmm (AWG16) with thin and hard MPPE insulation and signal blue wire 0.34 qmm (AWG24) with MPPE insulation
– The wire length between the gearbox and the battery connector is 290mm
– Board covered by conformal coating, it protect device against water
– If you want to use your own wires, choose device without wiring
– If you need another type of wiring, choose device with universal wiring
– Designed for spring up to M160 (equivalent for current 75A single shot fire or 25A burst fire for max. 30s). For higher load please use Active brake II (it is outside gearbox)
– Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 – 12V, lipol 7.4 – 14.8V)
– No current consumption in the idle mode
– No sparking on switch contacts
– Active braking uses the excess energy from the motor to stop it. The braking effect is the most powerful with high torgue motor
– In auto fire mode piston stops in random position due the mechabox design
– For right function is necessary to have a functional gearbox cut off lever, selector plate, reverse latch, trigger and trigger block, as it has the standard gearbox

DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS: you can download installation manual in English here [PDF, 773.79 kB]
– mosfet with active brake on trigger contacts with wiring, DeanT connector, 30A mini fuse and faston connectors on wires
– trigger switch
– screw, pad (for screw to keep device in the position)
– installation manual in English

WARNING: Installation of this device leave to expert, who could solder and disassemble airsoft gun. Never user soldering gun!
We can’t guarantee 100% compatibility with all gearboxes, but Mosfet – V2 will fit into standard and common brand’s gearboxes without larger modifications.