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Lancer Tactical LT-18 G2 MK18 Combo - Black/Tan

Lancer Tactical LT-18 G2 MK18 Combo - Black/Tan

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Lancer Tactical LT-18 G2 MK18 Combo - Black/Tan

The Lancer Tactical LT-18 G2 MK18 Combo in Black/Tan is a high-performance airsoft rifle designed for precision and durability. This combo includes essential components for an enhanced shooting experience, making it a versatile and reliable choice for airsoft enthusiasts.

Gearbox Features:

  • Lancer Tactical Engraved Metal Gearbox Shells
  • Steel Gears with Delay
  • 8mm Steel Bushings
  • 14 Tooth Steel Piston
  • Red Anodized Cylinder for Improved Surface Finish
  • Torque Motor
  • QD Spring Guide with Steel Base
  • Quick Spring Change (QD)
  • Shielded Low Resistance Wiring
  • Plastic Trigger
  • Reinforced Trigger Block

Internal Parts:

  • Precision Barrel: 297.4x6.03mm
  • Center Wheel Hop-up Block (Gen 2)
  • 50° Hop-up Joint

External Parts:

  • Body: Nylon High Density Fiber
  • Receiver: Tan
  • Metal Outer Barrel
  • Steel Handlebar
  • Folding Fiber Nylon Sight
  • Black Metal Handguard with RIS Rails
  • Metal Front Strap Attachment
  • Nylon Fiber Crane Stock
  • Nylon Fiber Butt Tube
  • Nylon Fiber Gen 3 Engine Grip
  • Steel Dummy Cylinder Head
  • Steel Cocking Lever with Hi-Speed Handle
  • Steel Magazine Catch
  • Bolt Catch (Fictional) in Metal

Additional Features and Accessories:

  • 120-Round P-Mag Magazine
  • Semi and Full Auto Modes
  • Removable Handle Included
  • 9.6V 1600mAh Battery Included
  • Automatic Battery Charger Included (LED Display, Charging Automatically Interrupted When Battery Is Full)