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Matrix "AIRSOFT STICK" Barrel Cleaning Unjamming Rod

Matrix "AIRSOFT STICK" Barrel Cleaning Unjamming Rod

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Matrix "AIRSOFT STICK" Barrel Cleaning Unjamming Rod

Ensure your airsoft gun's peak performance with the Matrix "AIRSOFT STICK" Barrel Cleaning Unjamming Rod kit. Designed for ease and efficiency, this kit offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining clean and unobstructed barrels, essential for accuracy and shot consistency.

Ultimate Cleaning Convenience:

This collaboration between EMG, Matrix, and Evike Outpost project presents a versatile and user-friendly cleaning rod kit. The package includes a three-piece rod, a 6mm/.22/5.56 Jag Head, two mops, a storage case, and an ergonomic handle. With real firearm spec construction, this kit is optimized for cleaning Airsoft and compatible 6.00mm ~ 10mm small caliber barrels.

Hassle-Free Rod Conversion:

Featuring three convertible rods, this kit adapts effortlessly to your needs. Switch between 7.5" (190mm), 18" (457mm), and 28.5" (723mm) lengths to accommodate a wide range of rifles and pistols. The 8-32 threads fit most rifle and pistol brushes, ensuring compatibility with your existing equipment.

Effortless Maintenance, Anywhere:

The included ergonomic injection-molded polymer handle allows for robust pull and push motions, making barrel cleaning and unjamming effortless. The compact and lightweight design of the kit ensures easy transport and storage. Whether in the field or at home, you can have your barrel cleaning essentials within reach.

Complete Package:

Inside the kit, you'll find a 6mm/.22/5.56 Jag Head, two mops for cleaning and polishing, a storage case, and a handle. The polymer patch holder with cotton patches is ideal for wiping up oil and residue, leaving your barrel clean and ready for action.

Technical Details:

  • Application: Designed for 6mm barrel cleaning and barrel unjamming.
  • Length: Three convertible rods with lengths of 7.5" (190mm), 18" (457mm), and 28.5" (723mm).
  • Compatibility: Suitable for all 6mm Airsoft guns.
  • Material: PVC and Brass construction for durability.

Upgrade your airsoft maintenance routine with the Matrix "AIRSOFT STICK" Barrel Cleaning Unjamming Rod. Keep your barrels clean, unobstructed, and in optimal condition for top-notch performance. Get yours today and ensure consistent accuracy on the field!