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Airtac Glock / AAP / WE GALAXY to M4 HPA Adapter (Next-Gen)

Upgrade your airsoft experience to a whole new level with the Airtac Glock / AAP / WE GALAXY to M4 HPA Adapter (Next-Gen). Designed to enhance performance and versatility, this adapter brings a new dimension to your airsoft gameplay.

Advanced Features for Exceptional Performance

The Airtac HPA adapter boasts a range of advanced features that deliver top-notch performance:

  • Full compatibility with TM, WE, and SSP5 Hi-Capa magazines
  • Precision-engineered CNC Mag Release and Feed Tube for outstanding durability
  • Comes with a single stack adapter and O ring for versatile functionality
  • Equipped with a BB retention mechanism to minimize BB loss during rapid magazine changes
  • Utilizes a standard US HPA fitting for consistent and reliable performance
  • Compatible with Flared Mag-wells to facilitate quick and smooth mag changes

Optimized Design for Unparalleled Performance

Developed based on feedback from numerous M4 HPA adapters sold in 2022, the Airtac Next-Gen HPA adapter is meticulously designed for optimal performance. The CNC feed tube and recessed CNC mag release ensure long-lasting durability, while the flared magwell design allows for lightning-fast magazine swaps. An adjustable shim is included for excellent magazine compatibility and fitment, although it's rarely needed for most magazines.

In addition to its impressive functionality, the adapter's design seamlessly integrates with your pistol's aesthetics. It accommodates the use of flared mag-wells while maintaining a sleek and streamlined appearance.

Unmatched Support and Warranty

Choosing the Airtac HPA adapter means choosing exceptional product support. Airtac stands behind this product with confidence, offering a lifetime warranty and providing spare parts to ensure your gear is always ready for action. Join the ranks of satisfied airsoft enthusiasts who rely on Airtac products for their unwavering performance, durability, and innovation.

Step into the future of airsoft performance with the Airtac Glock / AAP / WE GALAXY to M4 HPA Adapter (Next-Gen). Elevate your airsoft gameplay and experience unmatched levels of excitement and precision.