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Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser (RED)

Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser (RED)

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Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser (RED)

Enhance your aiming precision and target acquisition with the Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser, equipped with a powerful red laser module and advanced features for improved shooting performance.

Advanced Laser Aiming

The Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser brings advanced laser technology to your shooting experience. With a powerful red laser module, this accessory provides a clear and visible laser point to help you quickly and accurately acquire targets.

Key Features

  • Magnification: Enjoy a 1x magnification that offers a clear view of your target for easy aiming.
  • Objective Diameter: The 30mm objective diameter captures ample light, ensuring a bright and clear laser point.
  • Tube Diameter and Length: The 28mm tube diameter and 120mm tube length contribute to the laser's compact and functional design.
  • Red Laser Module: The integrated red laser module provides a visible laser point for precise target acquisition.
  • RED Reticule with Brightness Adjustment: Easily select the red reticule with the button and adjust its brightness to suit different lighting conditions.
  • Windage & Elevation Adjustment: Fine-tune your laser's alignment using the windage and elevation adjustment dials.
  • 20mm RIS Mount: The included 20mm RIS mount ensures a secure attachment to your firearm or airsoft gun.
  • Removable Lens Caps: The spring-loaded lens caps can be removed for quick target acquisition or added protection when not in use.
  • Quick-Release Mount: The quick-release mount allows you to easily attach and detach the laser as needed.
  • Battery Type: The laser is powered by a single CR123A battery (included) for reliable and convenient operation.

Complete Package for Easy Use

The package includes all the essentials for a seamless experience with the Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser:

  • Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser (RED): Enhance your shooting accuracy with this advanced red laser aiming device.
  • Manual: Refer to the included manual for instructions on installation, operation, and adjustment.
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth: Keep your laser's lens clean and clear for optimal visibility.
  • Allen Key: Use the provided allen key for installation and adjustments to ensure a secure fit.
  • CR123A Battery: The included CR123A battery powers the laser for extended shooting sessions.

Elevate your shooting capabilities with the Nuprol Tech HD30R Fitted Laser (RED). Improve your accuracy, acquire targets faster, and enhance your shooting experience with this advanced laser aiming solution.