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Nuprol 32mm Sunshade

Nuprol 32mm Sunshade

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Nuprol 32mm Sunshade

Enhance your aiming precision and reduce glare with the Nuprol 32mm Sunshade, a practical accessory designed to optimize your shooting experience while providing additional protection for your optic.

Superior Optic Enhancement

As part of NUPROL's commitment to enhancing your shooting performance, the Nuprol 32mm Sunshade offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced Glare: The extended shading provided by the sunshade effectively reduces light from all sources except your target, greatly improving clarity and minimizing lens glare. This allows you to maintain a clear sight picture, even in varying lighting conditions.
  • Enhanced Aiming: By reducing ambient light, the sunshade allows you to focus solely on your target through the optic. This enhanced focus promotes better aiming precision and accuracy, ensuring that your shots hit their mark consistently.
  • Comprehensive Protection: While primarily designed to enhance optics, the Nuprol 32mm Sunshade also provides a certain level of protection against incoming BBs. By restricting the target field visible to your enemies, the sunshade offers an added layer of defense for your optic.

Flexible Usage

The Nuprol 32mm Sunshade is threaded at both ends, allowing for versatile usage:

  • Sequential Use: You can use multiple sunshades in sequence for additional shading effects, tailoring the level of light reduction to your preference.
  • Killflash Compatibility: The threaded design enables you to attach a Killflash or Lens Shield of the same diameter to the end of the sunshade, offering complete protection against incoming fire and potential optic damage.

Package Includes

  • Nuprol 32mm Sunshade

Upgrade your optic with the Nuprol 32mm Sunshade and experience enhanced clarity, reduced glare, and improved aiming precision. This accessory is a valuable addition to your shooting gear, ensuring that you maintain focus on your target and providing an additional layer of protection for your optic.