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Nuprol Lens Shield

Nuprol Lens Shield

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Nuprol Lens Shield

Enhance the durability and longevity of your sights and optics with the Nuprol Lens Shield, a crucial accessory that offers reliable protection against incoming fire and potential damage.

Comprehensive Optic Protection

As part of NUPROL's commitment to enhancing your shooting experience, the Nuprol Lens Shield provides a range of benefits:

  • Defensive Barrier: Safeguard your valuable sights and optics from high-velocity BBs that can cause costly damage. The Lens Shield acts as a protective barrier that absorbs the impact of incoming fire, preserving the integrity of your optic and ensuring its continued functionality.
  • Smart Design: Engineered to be easily mounted in front of your chosen sight or optic, the Nuprol Lens Shield seamlessly integrates with your setup. Its thoughtfully designed flip-up and flip-down feature allows you to quickly adapt to changing scenarios, providing added convenience and adaptability.

Package Contents

  • Nuprol Lens Shield

Upgrade your shooting setup with the Nuprol Lens Shield and shield your sights and optics from potential damage caused by high-velocity BBs. Designed to seamlessly enhance your shooting experience, this accessory ensures that your valuable optics remain protected, allowing you to focus on your targets with added confidence and peace of mind.