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Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight - Black

Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight - Black

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Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight - Black

Elevate your shooting experience with the Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight in sleek black. This versatile optic setup combines a magnified scope with a backup red dot sight for enhanced target acquisition and precision shooting.

Advanced Optic Setup

The Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight offers a comprehensive optic solution for improved shooting performance. This package includes:

  • NP Cog 4x32 Scope: Experience 4x magnification and a 32mm objective lens, providing a clear and detailed view of your target.
  • Modern Range Finding Crosshair: The scope features a modern range finding crosshair, allowing you to gauge distances with ease.
  • Backup Red Dot Doctor Sight: Enhance your aiming speed and accuracy with the backup red dot sight, ensuring quick target acquisition.
  • Backup Ironsight: The backup ironsight provides an additional aiming option for versatile shooting scenarios.

Key Features

  • Magnification: Enjoy 4x magnification for precise target identification and engagement.
  • Objective Lens: The 32mm objective lens captures ample light, ensuring clear and bright visuals.
  • Adjustable Windage / Elevation: Fine-tune your aim using the windage and elevation adjustments for accurate shots.
  • Standard Rail Mount: The included standard rail mount ensures a secure and stable attachment to your firearm or airsoft gun.

Complete Package

The Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight package includes all the components you need for a seamless and enhanced shooting experience:

  • NP Cog 4x32 Scope with Modern Range Finding Crosshair: Enhance your accuracy with 4x magnification and a clear crosshair.
  • Backup Red Dot Doctor Sight: Quickly acquire targets with the backup red dot sight.
  • Backup Ironsight: Enjoy versatile aiming options for different shooting scenarios.
  • Adjustment Tools: Use the included tools for windage, elevation, and sight adjustments.
  • Lens Cloth: Keep your optics clean and clear for optimal visibility.

Equip yourself with the Nuprol Cog 4 x 32 + DR Sight in black and experience improved accuracy, target acquisition, and shooting performance on the range or in airsoft scenarios.