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Nuprol Tracer Unit - Black

Nuprol Tracer Unit - Black

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Elevate your airsoft experience with the NUPROL Tracer Unit in Black. Designed to add excitement and visibility to your gameplay, this powerful tracer unit enhances the glow of tracer BBs for a dynamic and immersive effect.

Bright Glow

The NUPROL Tracer Unit features a powerful flash design that provides a bright and captivating glow to tracer BBs. Watch as your shots light up the battlefield, allowing you to track your rounds and engage your targets with precision.

High Performance

Engineered to keep up with the action, the NUPROL Tracer Unit is compatible with guns firing up to 35 BBs per second. Whether you're engaging in rapid-fire battles or strategic skirmishes, this tracer unit ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Easy Power Source

The NUPROL Tracer Unit operates using three AA batteries (not included), making it convenient and accessible for extended gameplay. Simply replace the batteries when needed to continue enjoying the enhanced tracer effect.

Secure Attachment

Attaching the tracer unit is a breeze. The unit screws on to 14mm barrels, ensuring a secure and stable fit during intense gameplay. The full metal casing adds durability and a tactical look to your airsoft gun.

Color Options

The NUPROL Tracer Unit is available in both Black and Tan, allowing you to choose the color that complements your loadout and personal style.

Elevate your airsoft battles with the NUPROL Tracer Unit in Black. Experience the thrill of tracer technology and add a new level of excitement to your gameplay with this high-performance accessory.