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PTS EPM1 Enhanced Polymer Magazine (AEG) - Black

PTS EPM1 Enhanced Polymer Magazine (AEG) - Black

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Black PTS EPM1 Magazine

Introducing the Black PTS EPM1 Enhanced Polymer Magazine (AEG), an airsoft gun magazine that merges cutting-edge design with outstanding performance and superior capacity.

EPM1 Magazine by PTS Syndicate & Odin Innovations

The PTS EPM1 is a groundbreaking collaboration between PTS Syndicate and Odin Innovations, resulting in an innovative design and exceptional efficiency.

Setting a new standard in AEG magazines, this advanced spring-loaded model boldly stands up to high-capacity mags, offering the ability to hold an impressive 250 rounds.

Crafted from Dupont Zytel High-Performance Reinforced Polymer, the EPM1 is incredibly durable and robust. Its distinctive design results in reliable, high-speed BB feeding. Additionally, its handy "Fuel Gauge" indicator window allows the user to quickly and conveniently check remaining BBs.

The PTS EPM1 is also compatible with a wide range of airsoft AR-15 M4 AEGs. This includes models and manufacturers such as Tokyo Marui, KWA, G&P, VFC, HK416, PTS PDR-C, PTS ERG series, PTS Masada AEG, Amoeba AM variants & more!

AEG EPM1 Enhanced Polymer Magazine Features

Below, you'll find some of the main features of this Black PTS EPM1 Enhanced Polymer Magazine. If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Superior High-Capacity Mag: Holds up to 250 rounds.
  • Sturdy Dupont Zytel Polymer construction: Resilient and long-lasting.
  • Efficient high-speed compression: Ensures reliable feeding.
  • Innovative Fuel Gauge window: Displays remaining BB load.
  • Textured external surface: Provides enhanced grip and tactile sensation.
  • Mag well guide: Enables smooth loading and unloading.
  • Magpul Maglink Coupler compatibility.
  • Slimmer baseplate design: Space-saving, offering monopod support.
  • Upgraded BB follower: Delivers consistent feeding and reduces jamming.
  • Bright orange level indicator and follower: Effortless visualization of remaining BBs.
  • Wide compatibility: Accommodates various AR-15 M4 AEG models.

Further Specifications

Below are some additional details about the PTS EPM1 Enhanced Polymer Magazine.

  • Brand: PTS Syndicate.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Material: Dupont Zytel High-Performance Reinforced Polymer.
  • Dimensions: 180 x 72 x 26mm.
  • Weight: Approx. 207g empty.
  • Capacity: 250 rounds.
  • Compatible AEGs: Tokyo Marui, KWA, G&P, VFC, HK416, PTS PDR-C, PTS ERG series, PTS Masada AEG, Amoeba AM variants.

Elevate your airsoft game with this state-of-the-art, high-capacity AEG magazine. Contact to us today if you'd like to learn more about this product or any others we offer; we're always happy to help.