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Snow Wolf MP-18 AEG SMG

Snow Wolf MP-18 AEG SMG

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Snow Wolf MP-18 AEG SMG

Experience Classic Warfare with the Snow Wolf MP-18 AEG SMG

Immerse yourself in historical airsoft battles with the Snow Wolf MP-18 AEG SMG. This meticulously crafted submachine gun combines authentic design with electric power, offering players a unique and immersive gameplay experience.

Key Features

  • Metal and Real Wood Construction
  • Adjustable Hop-Up for Precision
  • Safe, Single, and Full Auto Fire Modes
  • FPS Range: 301 - 350
  • Historical Platform for Realism
  • No Blowback or Recoil for Smooth Operation


  • Brand: Snow Wolf
  • Weapon Category: SMG
  • Construction: Metal/Wood
  • FPS: 301 - 350

Classic Warfare Redefined

The Snow Wolf MP-18 AEG SMG takes you back in time to an era of classic warfare. With its metal and real wood construction, adjustable hop-up, and authentic design, this SMG is a true gem for historical airsoft enthusiasts. Whether in safe, single, or full auto mode, this AEG delivers a seamless and powerful performance.