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Viper BB Target Catcher

Viper BB Target Catcher

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Viper BB Target Catcher - Simplify Your Shooting Range

Effortless Target Retrieval

Upgrade your shooting range experience with the Viper BB Target Catcher. This freestanding target holder is designed to make target retrieval a breeze. Whether you're practicing with airsoft or other shooting sports, this catcher simplifies the process and keeps your shooting area tidy.

Key Features:

  • Freestanding Target Holder
  • Mesh Catchment Net for Easy BB Collection
  • Compatible with 175 x 175mm Paper Targets
  • Folds for Convenient Storage

The Viper BB Target Catcher is compatible with 175 x 175mm paper targets, offering a versatile option for your shooting practice. The mesh catchment net efficiently collects BBs, allowing for easy cleanup and preserving your targets for extended use. When not in use, simply fold it for compact and hassle-free storage.

Pair with Viper Pro BB Paper Targets

Enhance your shooting experience further by pairing the Viper BB Target Catcher with Viper Pro BB Paper Targets. These high-quality paper targets provide the perfect practice surface for honing your accuracy and precision. Together, they create the ultimate setup for refining your shooting abilities.

Simplify your shooting range setup and enjoy a more organized and efficient practice session with the Viper BB Target Catcher. Elevate your shooting experience today!