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VORSK Bio Tracer Green 0.28g 1kg Bag

VORSK Bio Tracer Green 0.28g 1kg Bag

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Elevate Your Airsoft Experience with VORSK Bio Tracer Green 0.28g 1kg Bag

Take your airsoft gameplay to the next level with the VORSK Bio Tracer Green 0.28g 1kg Bag. These specially designed tracer BBs offer a unique combination of performance and environmental responsibility.

Tracer Technology Meets Bio-Friendly Composition

The VORSK Bio Tracer Green BBs combine cutting-edge tracer technology with a bio-friendly composition. These BBs emit a vibrant green glow as they travel through the air, allowing you to track your shots with precision even in low-light scenarios. What sets them apart is their biodegradable construction, ensuring that your airsoft adventures have a minimal impact on the environment.

Enhanced Performance and Accuracy

Weighing 0.28g, these BBs strike a balance between stability and accuracy. Their heavier weight contributes to improved stability during flight, resulting in better consistency and accuracy on the battlefield. Whether you're engaging in long-range shots or close-quarters combat, these BBs deliver reliable and predictable performance.

Premium Biodegradable Materials

VORSK Bio Tracer Green BBs are crafted from premium biodegradable materials that break down naturally over time. This eco-friendly design ensures that your BBs won't linger in the environment, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious airsoft players.

1kg Bag for Extended Gameplay

This package includes a generous 1kg bag of VORSK Bio Tracer Green 0.28g BBs, providing you with an ample supply for extended gameplay sessions. Whether you're participating in a day-long skirmish or multiple matches, this bag ensures you have enough ammunition to stay fully immersed in the action.

Combine the excitement of tracer technology with a commitment to the environment with VORSK Bio Tracer Green 0.28g 1kg Bag. Experience the thrill of illuminated shots while knowing you're making a positive impact on the airsoft community and the world around you.