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Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance Black/Red

Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance Black/Red

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Unleash Power and Style: Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance Black/Red

Dominate the Field with Precision and Performance

Prepare to embark on a thrilling airsoft journey with the Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance Black/Red, a masterpiece that seamlessly merges high-performance capabilities with a captivating design. Elevate your airsoft encounters to a new level as you wield the power and precision of this exceptional sidearm.

Crafted for Excellence

Length: 250mm | Weight: 930g

Commanding Fire Modes

Experience the thrill of Safe (Beaver Tail) and Semi modes as you navigate the battlefield with complete control.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Barrel Length: 113mm | Barrel Bore: Precision-engineered 6.03mm

Versatile Accessory Rail

Equipped with a Picatinny Accessory Rail, providing you the freedom to customize your loadout with your preferred accessories.

Dynamic Performance

Approx. FPS: Dominating the field with a range of 300 to 328, ensuring a consistent and commanding presence.

Premium Build

Main Materials: Crafted from durable Metal Alloy, ensuring endurance and reliability in every encounter.

Complete Package

Included with your Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance Black/Red: - (x1) CS VENGEANCE - (x1) STD Gas VENGEANCE Magazine Black - VGM-02-03 - (x1) 12mm to 14mm Thread Adaptor FLASH HIDER - (x1) Barrel Bushing Tool - (x1) Matching Serial # *Dog Tags - Limited Stock Run - (x1) Spare Gas Nozzle - (x1) CO2 Conversion Kit (Nozzle + Spring) - (x1) Manual and Exploded Parts Diagram - (x1) Striking VORSK PVC Patch - (x1) Magnetically Sealed Display Box

Enhanced Compatibility

Pair your Vengeance Black/Red with compatible magazines and fuels: Compatible Magazines: - VGM-02-01 - BLACK - 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine - VGM-02-02 - BLACK - 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine - VGM-02-03 - BLACK - 23R VENGEANCE Gas Magazine Compatible Gas: - VCP-GAS-V6 - V6 GBB Fuel - VCP-GAS-V8 - V8 GBB Fuel - VCP-GAS-V12 - V12 GBB Fuel Unleash the Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance Black/Red and seize your moment on the airsoft battleground. Elevate your gameplay with uncompromising power and unmatched style. For inquiries or further details, feel free to contact us. It's time to make your mark with VORSK.