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VORSK Tracer Green 0.25g 1kg Bag

VORSK Tracer Green 0.25g 1kg Bag

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Illuminate Your Shots with VORSK Tracer Green 0.25g 1kg Bag

Enhance your airsoft experience with the VORSK Tracer Green 0.25g 1kg Bag, designed to add an exciting twist to your gameplay. These tracer BBs provide a unique and visually captivating element to your shots.

Tracer Technology

The VORSK Tracer Green BBs feature built-in tracer technology that adds a luminous green trail to each shot, allowing you to track the trajectory of your BBs with ease. Whether you're engaging opponents in low-light scenarios or simply want to add a stunning visual effect, these tracer BBs deliver an immersive and thrilling airsoft experience.

Consistent Performance

With a weight of 0.25g, these BBs strike a balance between accuracy and performance, making them suitable for a wide range of airsoft guns. Each BB is crafted with precision to ensure consistent dimensions and weight, contributing to reliable and predictable shooting performance.

High-Quality Composition

VORSK Tracer Green BBs are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing exceptional durability and resistance to deformation. This ensures that your BBs maintain their shape during flight, resulting in improved accuracy and less barrel fouling.

1kg Bag

This package includes a generous 1kg bag of VORSK Tracer Green 0.25g BBs, providing you with an ample supply to keep you in the game for extended periods. Whether you're participating in a long airsoft session or planning for multiple matches, this bag ensures you have enough ammunition to stay fully engaged.

Elevate your airsoft gameplay and make your shots come alive with the VORSK Tracer Green 0.25g 1kg Bag. Experience the thrill of watching your BBs light up the battlefield and enjoy enhanced accuracy and performance in every shot.