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Airtac Vorsk VMP1 to M4 HPA Adapter

Airtac Vorsk VMP1 to M4 HPA Adapter

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Introducing the Airtac HPA Adapter - Elevate Your Airsoft Game

At TitanForge, we're thrilled to introduce the Airtac HPA Adapter, a game-changing innovation in partnership with Airtac. This cutting-edge adapter is designed to take your airsoft experience to new heights.

Unrivaled Performance

The Airtac HPA Adapter delivers outstanding performance, achieving an impressive 1J with just 100psi using 0.25g BBs. What does this mean for you? It means you have the flexibility to use heavier BBs or increase the PSI, comfortably placing you within or above UK field limits, and edging closer to a designated marksman rifle (DMR) setup. With this adapter, you can safely operate at up to 130PSI, and it consistently cycles well, even down to 80PSI.

Precision Engineering for Reliability

Key Features:

  • CNC Mag Release and Feed Tube: Crafted with precision, our adapter ensures long-lasting reliability.
  • CNC Valve Collar: Bid farewell to valves on plastic threads. Our robust design guarantees extended durability.
  • BB Retention Mechanism: Say goodbye to BB losses during magazine changes, ensuring you stay in the game.
  • Adjustable Rear Shim: Designed to accommodate various M4 magazines, with our top recommendation being the EPM1/EPM1s.
  • US HPA Fitting: The adapter is equipped with a US HPA fitting as standard, while an EU push fitting option is available on our website.
  • Optimal Gun Performance: To maximize performance, remember to rack your gun before inserting the adapter.
  • Parts Compatibility: For seamless operation, you'll need donor feed lips, valves, and pins from a VMP1 gas magazine. Install the pins from the right side of the adapter, holding it as if it were in the gun.

Exceptional Support and Warranty

But that's not all. At TitanForge, we're committed to providing outstanding support and back our products with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, we offer free spare parts should you or your team ever require them. When it comes to delivering superior performance, unmatched reliability, and top-notch support, the Airtac HPA Adapter sets the industry standard.

Get ready to elevate your airsoft game with the Airtac HPA Adapter, where precision meets power, and innovation knows no bounds.