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Vorsk VP-X Black

Vorsk VP-X Black

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Vorsk VP-X Black

Vorsk VP-X Black

Discover the Vorsk VP-X Black, the latest masterpiece from VORSK that redefines the 1911/MEU Gas-Blow-Back pistol replica. With its striking design, bespoke features, and exceptional craftsmanship, the VP-X is a must-have for discerning airsoft enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Color: Sleek and stylish in black, the VP-X exudes a sense of sophistication.
  • Construction: Crafted from a robust metal alloy, ensuring durability and a realistic weight.
  • Fire Modes: Semi-automatic firing mode for precise control over your shots.
  • Barrel Bore: The 6.03mm barrel bore enhances accuracy and performance.
  • Rails: Non-railed design provides a classic and clean look.
  • Approx. FPS: Achieve an impressive velocity of 328 FPS, giving you the edge on the field.

What's Included:

  • VORSK VP-X Black - The centerpiece of your airsoft arsenal.
  • Gas Magazine - Designed for consistent and reliable performance.
  • Manual - Your guide to mastering the VP-X.
  • Spares (Nozzle & O-Rings) - Ensuring your pistol remains in top condition.
  • VORSK Patch - Show your allegiance to VORSK with pride.


The Vorsk VP-X Black is compatible with a range of magazines and accessories to suit your preferences:

  • Magazines: Choose from gas and CO2 magazines in various capacities.
  • Batteries/Gas: Powered by NUPROL 2.0 gas for consistent performance.
  • Removable VORSK Compensator - Customize your pistol's appearance and performance.
  • V-Notch Iron Sights/Raised Fibre Optic Iron Sights + BDS - Optimal aiming options for precision shots.
  • High Stipple, Polymer Hand Grip - A comfortable and secure grip for superior handling.
  • Bespoke MEU Slide - Incorporating vertical slide grips for added control.
  • Functioning Beaver Tail Grip Safety - Enhances safety and handling.
  • Slide Lock Latch - Convenient and reliable slide locking mechanism.
  • Chrome Inner Barrel - Enhances accuracy and adds to the pistol's aesthetics.
  • Available Variants: Choose from various colors and dual-tone options to match your style.

Elevate your airsoft game with the Vorsk VP-X Black. Whether you're collecting, competing, or simply appreciating fine craftsmanship, this pistol delivers exceptional performance and aesthetics. Get ready to stand out on the battlefield with VORSK's latest masterpiece.