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Vorsk VP-X Gold Match

Vorsk VP-X Gold Match

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The VORSK VP-X GOLD MATCH, a 1911/MEU Gas-Blow-Back pistol replica, showcases precision engineering and distinctive design elements for discerning airsoft enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Removable VORSK Compensator for enhanced performance
  • V-Notch Iron Sights/Raised Fibre Optic Iron Sights + BDS for versatile aiming
  • High Stipple, Polymer Hand Grip for superior control
  • Bespoke MEU Slide with Vertical Slide Grips for a unique touch
  • Functioning Beaver Tail Grip Safety for added safety
  • Slide Lock Latch for convenient operation
  • Chrome Inner Barrel for durability and style
  • Available as a Double Pack for expanded firepower
  • Available with/without BDS fitted for customization
  • Available in various color options: Black-Chrome, Black, Chrome, Brushed Aluminium, Grey, Tan, Dual Tone Blue, Gold Match, Red Match


The VORSK VP-X is not just a gas-blow-back pistol; it's a passion project that combines modern design influences with iconic 1911/MEU variants. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the VP-X features a full metal construction with an anti-porous, electrostatic finish.

Customers can choose from an array of color variants, each exhibiting a refined dual-tone scheme. The dual-tone theme extends to furniture such as the trigger, mag-release, hammer, slide-lock, and more, adding a stylish touch to this 1911/MEU variant. The VP-X is available in a Black/Chrome double pack and a Dual-Tone double pack, allowing enthusiasts to wield a pair of these striking pistols.

The slide showcases 90° vertical slide grips, a removable VORSK compensator, and V-notch iron sights (standard models) or VORSK BDS with a bespoke sight mounting plate. A chrome outer barrel and spring guide draw attention to the fixed moderator, creating a visually striking effect. The VP-X is complete with new high-stipple VORSK 1911/MEU pistol grips, delivering both style and superior handling.