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WADSN M300A Mini Scout Rifle Light - Short - Black

WADSN M300A Mini Scout Rifle Light - Short - Black

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WADSN M300A Mini Scout Rifle Light - Short - Black

Illuminate your path and gain a tactical advantage with the WADSN M300A Mini Scout Rifle Light. Designed for rugged performance and reliable illumination, this compact rifle light is a must-have accessory for any serious shooter or outdoor enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: The M300A Mini Scout Rifle Light features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to mount on your firearm without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Short Length: This version of the M300A offers a shorter length, perfect for reducing snagging hazards and ensuring a streamlined profile on your firearm.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this rifle light is built to withstand harsh conditions and heavy recoil. Its durable black finish adds a tactical edge to your setup.
  • Superior Illumination: The high-intensity LED bulb delivers brilliant white light, providing clear visibility in low-light or nighttime environments. Illuminate your target and surroundings with confidence.
  • Easy Activation: The ambidextrous tailcap switch allows for convenient and quick activation of the light. Toggle between momentary-on and constant-on modes with ease.
  • Mounting Options: The M300A is compatible with a variety of mounting systems, ensuring versatile placement on your firearm. Choose the optimal positioning for your shooting style.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Whether you're on a nighttime hunt, navigating the dark outdoors, or engaging in tactical operations, this rifle light enhances your situational awareness and target identification.

Equip your firearm with the WADSN M300A Mini Scout Rifle Light - Short - Black and experience enhanced visibility and control in low-light scenarios. Whether you're a law enforcement professional, a competitive shooter, or an outdoor enthusiast, this rifle light is a valuable addition to your gear arsenal.